How I evaluated the subgraph for Curator Program Phase 2.

To complete Phase 2:

Today I will tell you what I paid attention to.

2., you need to enter after / username of the subgraph / project name.

3.We immediately pay attention to whether there is a link to the github. Since a subgraph is a technical tool and the absence of a github indicates weak intentions.

I highlighted in ovals what you should pay attention to. Namely: the date of creation of the subgraph, the last update, the number of accesses to the subgraph, the scheme and parameters.

4. Next, we go to the github. The files are important for us there:

The readme file usually describes how the subgraph works.

subgraph.yaml-it contains the addresses of the contracts and the events they execute.

schema.graphql -this contains all the dependencies your subgraph contains.

Then you can see the icon of the author of the file creator on the github, see additional information about nm, what he does.

The data of points 3 and 4 can be indicated in the question in the form:Mission 2: Subgraph 1: How would you describe what the subgraph does?

5. Go to the site and instead of the ID, specify the one that is indicated on the site of the graph

Block 1- shows all entities

Block 2 -shows events.

Block 3 -contains the name of the contract and the address of the contract.

All data in point 5 can be recorded in the form in the question. Mission 2: Subgraph 1: Identify the degree of completeness, complexity and accuracy of the implementation.

Finally Having completed all the points in these questions, you can already answer yourself.

The end. All the luck.